Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert

Welcome to Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert, a bi-monthly journal presenting views and tools from many of the leading experts in financial valuation, forensics/fraud and litigation services. These national experts are the strength of this publication and our source for insightful and concise columns.

That’s another theme here—columns from an incredible knowledge base that are short, very informative, and to the point. We present articles that range from basic to advanced levels, but the emphasis is always to give our readers TOOLS and PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE to help them in their practice.

There are several valuable recurring features you’ll find in many editions. “Daubert on the Docket” brings you excerpts from new court cases involving Daubert and Daubert -like challenges, so that you can see what the court had to say about financial expert witnesses and their testimony. Another ongoing “tool” is “Cost of Capital Corner,” which many of our readers tell us is extremely useful. We hope you enjoy every issue and welcome your feedback.